Hillside Boarding Kennels & Cattery

Licensed owner : Mrs Hilary Lockyer,  EFDC Licncense number LN/210003650

Telephone : 01992 892881

Opening hours :

Daily 8am - 12pm or by appointment only

We are a family run boarding kennels based in Waltham Abbey, Essex established in 1990.  We offer boarding services for cats and dogs and can accomodate 
stays from as little as one day.  We charge a daily rate offering full flexibility to meet your needs. 

We are open daily from 8am to 12pm or by appointment only for other times.

All our kennels are individually heated and have their own runs.  We also have several large grass exercise areas where your dog will be able to have

free running on its own.  We never mix dogs that are not from the same family.  

We can cater for any diet.  We live on the premises and also have a veterinary surgeon on site.

If you would like any information about availability please call on 01992 892881.

We look forward to welcoming your pet for a stay soon!

Please note: All cats and dogs must be up to date with vaccinations, proof of vaccination will be checked..  All dogs must also be vaccinated for Kennel 

Cough at least 2 weeks prior to staying with us.  The kennel cough vaccine does not does not give 100% protection against kennel cough and 

the pet owner takes full responsibility for this. The management of the kennels will not be liable if the animal catches kennel cough.